Partagas Black Label

Partagas Black Label Back Story

The Partagas Black Label line was developed in response to changing consumer dynamics and increasing interest in full-bodied cigars.

Extending the brand that boasts ?the richest cigars in the world?, Partagas Black label cigars have been created to appeal to smokers who enjoy a rich taste in a big ring-gauge.

Crafted in the uncompromising tradition of Ram?n Cifuentes, Partagas Black Label is a connoisseur's cigar with a larger ring gauge and a richer, fuller-bodied flavor. The Partagas Black Label features a medio tiempo sun grown wrapper, offering a very full flavored and full bodied experience that will have your palates screaming for more. The Partagas Black Label is very smooth and rich with a deep aroma. This is a favorite in everyones humidor!

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4 1/2 x 54, 20 per box
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5 1/4 x 54, 20 per box
Earn 1095 points
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8 per box
Earn 526 points
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6 x 60, 20 per box
Earn 1318 points
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6 x 54, 20 per box
Earn 1200 points
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6 x 50, 20 per box
Earn 1244 points
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4 3/16 x 36, 30 per box
Earn 586 points
Your Price: $58.56
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6 x 60, 20 per box
Earn 1364 points
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