Padilla Dominus Back Story

Ernesto Padilla, owner of Padilla Cigars, has made full use of Corojo 2006 tobacco to blend his new Padilla Dominus brand, a cigar that is made solely with this type of Nicaraguan-grown tobacco. The seeds were planted in 2006 in the country?s Jalapa and Estel? regions before the crop?s harvest in early 2007. The final product is what Padilla calls his most full-bodied cigar to date.?Aesthetically, Corojo 2006 is a gorgeous, brownish red color,? said Padilla. ?For growers, it is very resistant to disease and has a high-yield crop. To consumers, the Corojo produces sweetness and spice, but it is very rich and balanced, and at the same time, it is the fullest bodied cigar I make.?

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