Leon Jimenes Back Story

One of the largest cigar producers in the Dominican Republic, dating from 1903, Leon Jimenes also produce the La Aurora brand. Both of these fine cigars are made from Cuban-seed tobacco. The Leon Jimenes brand has a rich, full-bodied taste with a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The La Aurora brand has a mild- to medium-bodied taste with a dark, rich Cameroon wrapper. Both are of superior quality.

Each leaf is cut at the ideal moment, and even then, nine out of ten are ruthlessly rejected in a quest for perfection. Every leaf is hung and aged, sometimes for as long as three years. Only the highly-prized and rare Cameroon leaf is used for the wrapper, delivering a fuller, sweeter flavour and aroma. Cigars are totally hand-made, using only long filler and the best part of each selected leaf. To ensure consistent quality, rollers are allowed to make only a set maximum quantity each day. Nothing is ever rushed.

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