Gurkha Shaggy Back Story

?The Rolls Royce of Cigars.? That is what Gurkha cigars have been referred to, and when you look at the time and energy put into each cigar, it is not hard to see why. Production of Gurkha cigars starts with a 5-year old Connecticut Shade wrapper that has been fermented an additional seven months, which is about five months more than the traditional Cuban cigar. The wrapper is also infused with cognac to further enhance the taste. The filler and the binder are grown from the Cuban piloto seed, which produces a rich, creamy flavor with just a hint of spice and perfectly aged before they are hand rolled into a magnificent cigar.

The process to produce Gurkha cigars is so unique and time consuming that only the Beach Cigar Group/K. Hansotia & Co., leaders in the Dominican Republic cigar industry, will even consider the undertaking. They have said many times it is their personal goal to produce the finest vintage cigars in the world, and with Gurkha cigars, they truly accomplish that feat.

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