Dunhill Signed Range

Dunhill Signed Range Back Story

The Dunhill Signed Range cigar is a new Nicaraguan hand made cigar that consists of a subtle blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and South American Cubito leaf.

Cigar Aficionado claims: ?The name ?Dunhill signed range? is quite literal. Every box is individually numbered and features the signatures of many of the people responsible for creating the cigars. Four signatures appear on every box: that of the torcedor (cigar roller); escogedor (the sorter who groups the finished cigars); empacador (the packer); and the ultimo control de calidad (the quality supervisor who oversees each phase of the cigars? production). Each signature is signed by hand.?

The Signed Range is a medium to full bodied smoke with a balanced but complex taste. Various spices are blended in with some cocoa and some earthy flavors. The burn on this cigar is excellent-definitely an exceptional high-end Dunhill cigar!

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