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Tatuaje Back Story

The Tatuaje cigars are originally from Miami Florida. Most Tatuaje?s boast of a Robusto format the most notable being the Tatuaje J21 Reserva. The J21 is available in a size 5 x 50. These cigars have Nicaraguan wrappers with a binder and filler from the same country. The Tatuaje brand is known for its confidence. They do not bet on exaggerated bands or flashy packaging. Their cigars vouch for themselves and the J21 does this with complete ease and decorum. They exhibit an unpretentious background that is characteristically brown and very solid. Within this background are the Fleur de Lys and the Tatuaje signature. The Reserva band on the J21 is the only clue as to the elegance of this smoke though it is still remarkably simple and pretty defining. The foot of this cigar has peppery tendencies coupled with delicious oily plumes from the wrapper.

The Tatuaje brand is solidly built with the wrapper exhibiting no structural flaws whatsoever. The cigars length has some prominent veins which add to the Tatuaje?s mystery. It has visible seams which are smooth all through with the edges only visible if you take a direct look at the side along the cigars foot. They have a fantastic pre-light draw that has distant cinnamon flavors coupled with peppery undertones. The Tatuaje exhibits a level burn all through after toasting the foot with a torch lighter. The peppery undertones become quite pronounced with subsequent puff almost culminating into an exciting crescendo. This is followed by more gentle earthy flavors offering a well deserved relief. .

An inch into this smoke marks the blending out of the pepper tones into the overall flavor of the cigar and reveals some fabulous hidden caramel tones. The ash which is light grey is pretty solid and firm and can hold on for quite some time. Almost halfway through the smoke, the J21 does not deviate from this outstanding flavor blend. The peppery flavor apparently remains throughout the smoke sometimes fading away and letting in other flavor blends and at other instances making a comeback. There are spice and distant pumpkin flavors in the Tatuaje J21 which becomes bolder during a pepper lull. The spice leaned more on the nutmeg origins. The perfect peppery flavor coupled in with several lulls and variations in strength make the Tatuaje J21 an extremely enjoyable smoke. The last half of this excellent smoke has spice, earth and the ever present pepper flavor dominating the scene and gently signing off. .

The Tatuaje J21 is an amazing smoke that is perfect for all cigar enthusiasts. This cigar has one of the tightest draws ever configured complete with a very sharp burn. Nowhere within the duration of this smoke will you be required to relight it. The unique flavor blend will have you on your toes as you wildly try to figure what the next undertone will be. The nicotine fix is in generous amounts which will leave you with that desirably heady buzz to calm your frayed nerves. It is perfectly aged and perfect in all ways. Have a solid meal before puffing away. Go out, get yourself some Tatuaje?s and you?ll never cease wondering where the Tatuaje was all this time!

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