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Gran Habano Habano

Gran Habano Habano Cigars
Gran Habano Habano Back Story

The Gran Habano is manufactured in Honduras at the GR Tabacaleras Unidas facility. Guillermo Rico and the son George Rico founded the company in 1995. The Gran Habano #3 has an exquisite blend of Nicaraguan, Costa Rican and Mexican filler tobaccos. Both the wrapper and binder are from the Nicaraguan Republic. The Gran Habano #3 Churchill size cigar is available in a 7 inches size with a 48 ring gauge. This cigar in the initial stages boasts of a flavor and strength regime that can be described as medium bodied. The Gran Habano #3 has sweet hints of tobacco and exciting spicy undertones. The finish is dry but still engaging. Once you light the Gran Habano, 15 minutes later, the sweetness and spicy undertones take a back seat as the cigar starts strengthening. 35 minutes later, the spiciness completely disappears coupled with the sweetness and transforms this cigar into a full level strength cigar. The cigar finally makes for a honorable finish with lingering of sweetness and spicy undertones. Its flavor blend is excellent for all cadres of cigar enthusiasts.

The Gran Habano #3 is excellently constructed and both its pre draw and the actual draw are superb. The cigar has an excellent burn throughout the entire smoke with no touch up light or relights required. The resulting ash which is a rich grey holds on tight past the midway mark. Its handmade cigar price is actually reasonable as compared to other brands. The Gran Habano #3 cigar is actually value priced. The Gran Habano #3 cigar is an above par cigar as concerns its quality. They are a decent value indeed.

Another great smoke from the Gran Habano stable is the #5 Corojo. This smoke has its origins in Danli- Honduras. Its beautiful wrapper is from Corojo in Nicaragua while the binder and filler are from Costa Rica. It is available in the Toro format with a ring gauge of 6 and a length of 54. The cigar comes in strength variations of medium to full. Its Corojo wrapper is a beautiful and exotic reddish brown. It also packs a firm feel, oily texture and a slight aroma. The cap of the cigar cuts away nicely with a plug cutter. Its smoke is full of flavor and superbly thick. The Gran Habano #5?s initial flavor is smooth with a lovely pastry taste to it. After a few puffs, the initial pastry flavor gives way to an exciting blend of spicy flavors. The draw of the #5 is pretty tight giving way to a nice flavor build up which progresses slowly but surely to attain its prime full bodied experience.

The cigar does not require any relights as the burn is excellent. The flavor is surprisingly consistent throughout the smoke with spicy notes popping up now and then. The finish is characterized by elaborately laid down pepper notes.

The Gran Habano stable is overly credited with producing cigars that are really enjoyable and engaging. Their cigars are excellent choices for smokes to have after a sumptuous meal or in the evenings after a hefty day. Enjoy.

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Gran Habano Habano, Imperiales

Gran Habano Habano, Imperiales

6 x 60, 20 per box
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MSRP $168.00
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Gran Habano, Corojo, Triumph #5

Gran Habano, Corojo, Triumph #5

7 1/2 x 58, 20 per box
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MSRP $180.00
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In Stock

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