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CAO America Cigars
CAO America Back Story

The Cao Cigars were a creation of Cano A. Ozgener an Armenian Turk who founded the Cao Cigar Company located in Nashville, Tennessee. This man had a passion for cigars, he did not only smoke a pipe, but he also made artistic smoking pipes. His creations were quite popular among his friends and in 1968 he started a smoking pipe business. The company?s brand name CAO is from the initials of the creator. In 1968 the Cao Cigar Company began to produce cigars and their very first brand was called Casa de Manuel. The business like any other business had its ups and downs however sales made from the cigars were high consequently propelling the company?s success to produce other cigar brands.

The Cao Cigar Company produced a variety of brands including the Double Maduro, Brasilia, Gold, and Creole. The L?Anniversaire had three different varieties, which were the Maduro, Camerron and eXtreme. The company distributes two distinct Cao Cigar lines, which are the CAO Gold and the Brazilia.

CAO Brazilia

This is a full-bodied cigar made from the finest Nicaraguan tobacco. It has a m?lange of tobacco leafs and is rolled in a Brazillian wrapper. The flavors are sweet infused with spices, making it very aromatic.

CAO Gold

This well crafted masterpiece was launched in 1996. It uses a Connecticut Shade seed wrapper grown in Ecuador. It has a smooth flavor with nutty undertones. It is mild and has an easy draw.

CAO Flavors

The flavorful cigars come in Earth Nectar, Eileen?s Dream, Gold Honey, Bella Vanilla, Moontrance, or Karma Sutra Splash. These captivating cigars contain natural flavors of cocoa, vanilla beans, bourbon, Irish cream, almonds, exotic fruits and the list goes on. It is evident that these cigars are rich in aromatic flavors that have been combined with the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, which can only mean that they are more than a delight to smoke and you will undoubtedly be hooked.


The Mx2 have a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper with a Brazilian maduro leaf, binder. They are medium to full-bodied and are blend with tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru, and Honduras; they come in three different sizes and they definitely offer explosive flavors.

CAO Italia

This cigar is inimitable. It is made from Italian grown tobacco and has a dark maduro wrapper. The tobacco is Honduran grown and it has a splendid blend of tobaccos from Italy, Peru, and Nicaragua. It may seem like a rather intense cigar but for those cigar smokers who like boldness in a cigar this indeed is the perfect brand.

The Cao cigars are some of the finest, high quality, hand made cigars in the world. They are all-occasion cigars and they can be enjoyed with family and friends during holidays moreover they can be accompanied with good wine. The charismatic flavors are made to appeal to many different tastes. Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the wide range of Cao cigars available in the market.

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CAO America, Landmark

CAO America, Landmark

6 x 60, 20 per box
Earn 1190 points
MSRP $179.80
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CAO America, Monument

CAO America, Monument

6 1/4 x 54, 20 per box
Earn 1080 points
MSRP $163.80
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In Stock
CAO America, Potomac

CAO America, Potomac

5 x 56, 20 per box
Earn 1030 points
MSRP $155.80
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In Stock