601 La Bomba

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The 601 La Bomba cigars are the newest blend from the greats at EO brands. They are full bodied sticks of blended high octane tobacco with only the fullest and most flavorful leaves picked for the blend. This is a full flavor cigar from Nicaragua, sporting a Nicaraguan binder and filler and a Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper that gives this cigar tons of flavor. The pigtail cap looks like a fuse like the M-80 by Pete Johnson and Tatuaje cigars. Eric Espinoza and Eddie Ortega sought to make the fullest cigar they could ever roll. Made in Esteli Nicaragua at the My Father cigar factory with true Nicaraguan flavor and body. This cigar starts out with strong hints oF earth and leather, and picks up with hints of pepper. Halfway through, the peppery notes mellow into very pleasant woody and earthy undertones. The body and spice build up towards the end, but definitely not overpowering. Overall, the 601 La Bomba is a very enjoyable smoke and its flavor profile will cater toward any cigar enthusiast who enjoys a more complete full cigar. This cigar is for anyone who wants the fullest body and flavor from a cigar they can find and the bragging rights to say they?ve smoked a 601 La Bomba!

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